• Brian Eslick, a Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) the founding director of New Jersey Family Hypnosis & NJStopSmoking.com He is a recognized expert in his field, he has hypnotized thousands of people.

    Brian has specialized training and certifications:

    Smoking Cessation Specialist
    National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc (NGH) (Certified Consulting Hypnotist)
    OMNI Advanced Hypnosis (Certified Hypnotist with specialized age regression)
    International Board of Hypnosis (Board Certified Hypnotist)
    Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Pain Management from the American School of Clinical Hypnosis
    Age Regression
    Innovative Hypnotic Techniques
    Pain Control and Emergency Hypnosis
    Overcome Gambling
    Forensic Hypnosis
    Stress Management
    Weight Management
    Fears and Phobias
    Life Motivation
    Substance Abuse
    A published author and recognized expert in his field. Brian has developed several self-hypnosis audio programs as tools for weight loss, build confidence, stop smoking, stress relief, pain control and insomnia. Brian is also the author of “Inside Hypnosis” He didn’t just read a book on hypnosis – he wrote it!

    Brian is a leading expert in stop smoking with hypnosis.

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